Tips for New Sugar Daddies


It can be tough for a new Sugar Daddy to cope in the sugar world. You want a sugar baby but you don’t know the right way to express your feelings, conditions, and requirements. Here are a few tips for new sugar daddies:

Tip #1: Be a complete gentleman

If you want to be successful in the world of sugar, it is completely important to be a gentleman. What attracts young ladies (sugar babies) are men whom are polite and has high mannerisms. This not only applies when chatting on social platforms, but also in real life especially when you meet your sugar baby for the very first time. The traditional way works. Open the door for her, pay her meals, and speak at a very well behaved manner. That way, you’re sure to score a sugar baby for sure.

Tip #2: Don’t Rush for Sex

It is controversial in the world of sugar dating that everything is about sex. It is unfortunate that many have that mind-set and misunderstand the concept of sugar dating. It is a mutually beneficial relationship for both companionships. Hence, absolutely do not ask for sex before and especially on the first meeting. This is not a prostitution business. I am not saying that you shouldn’t ask for sex at all, it can be a part of it, but please, chemistry will work its magic. Don’t rush (Tip #1)

Tip #3: Be Open and Honest

Whilst sugar dating can be fun and exciting, it is important to be open and honest about the entire arrangement. Sugar dating is more fun when you and your partner know what can be expected and what is expected of them. Sugar dating should be widely differentiated from normal dating. The difference is, both should have the courage of saying what is expected. The beauty of sugar dating.

 Tip #4: Be Patient with the Gifts

This point- I cannot stress this enough! Do not shower your potential sugar baby with gifts before meeting her! PayPal, Online gift vouchers? NO. Be patient about it. If you can shower your potential sugar babies with so many gifts prior to meeting with her, she may be greedy and ask for more. Also, no sugar baby has a gift requirement in every meet up that you see her. Be patient with your gifts. Start small, and if you really like her, they can go bigger next time.

Both is a mutually beneficial relationship, don’t overdo it (esp in the beginning) 😉

Good luck, Daddies.

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